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"The Church in the Wilderness"  Audio Teaching by George Kirkpatrick

Narrated by Robert Bixler

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Are You Part of God's Last Day 42nd Generation
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This is a collection of 42 mini teachings in booklet form, @ 30 pages each, to prepare you to become
what the Lord has called you to do as His Last Day Chosen Geneartion.  

This collection is also available on Compact Disc in pdf format

God's Last Day Chosen Generation
The Overcoming Sons of God     The Overcomers  Inherit ALL Things   (Audio) 
God's Young Men
God's Glory Revealed in the Clouds
The Glory of Ezekiel's Temple
God's Holy Remnant
The White Stone
God's Called, Chosen, and Elect
Mystery Israel Revealed
The Great Household of God
God Preparing a People For Service
The Starseed
Repairers of the Breech
God's Anointed Voice
Joint Heirs
Elijah's Mantle
Stars of Light
The Two Witnesses
The Double Portion Anointing
The Double Portion Anointing    (Audio)  
Job, The End Time Son
The Other Son
The Branch
A Bride For Isaac
Children of Promise
The Promised Seed
The Seed of Abraham
Walking Into Our Promise Land
Becoming The Word     The Meat of the Word    (Audio)
Fear Not Little Flock
God's Representatives
In His Steps
Men Most Miserable Or A People Of Rejoicing
Mount Zion, The Holy City of God
The Holy City
Preparing The Bride
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
Release of the Spiritual Man
The Changing of the Mantle
The Metamorphisis Life
Where Are You In The Kingdom?
The Marriage Supper Calling
The Harvest
The Great Last Day

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