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Anoint Your Eyes With Eyesalve
When we anoint our eyes with the eyesalve of the Spirit, we will discover that the bow God set in the clouds (His glory) is the same bow that appears around His throne. This is the anointing Adam had in the garden before sin.  And this is the anointing that is coming in the soon coming day of the early and latter rain upon the earth. Apply the eyesalve and let your Spiritual eyesight be healed.

Anointed for the Greater Works Ministry
The Double Portion Anointing is on the horizon with a people made ready for the dawning of the new day. Now is the time to prepare!

Appropriating the Principles    
Are the cares of this life weighing you down?
The answer is to appropriate the principles of God's Word.

Awake Unto Rightouesness
Man has been in a deep sleep since Adam's sin. We can only be delived from this body of death when we awake from our adam sleep and wipe the sleep from our eyes so we can clearly see the plan God has in our life.  Isaiah 52:1-2 and Ephesians 5:14. "Shake thyself from the dust!"

As It Was In The Days Of Noah
We are living in the end of time. Once again, as it was at the time of the flood, sin has come to the place where God will once again destroy the world, but this time as by fire. Will you be a Noah protected on the Ark, or will you have to endure the fire? Now is the time to get serious with our relationship with the Lord.

Mystery Babylon Revealed 
Is The United States in the Bible?

Babylon is Fallen # 1
 God's judgement hand is upon this nation!    

Babylon is Fallen # 2

The Second Destruction of the United States

Baptized in God's Word
God is desiring a people to be totally submerged in the water of His Word, so they may partake of His Spiritual meat which will enable them to become the Word of God, Praise the Lord!

Baptized In The Red Sea
Today, God is preparing the way for those who are obedient to His voice to come out of Egypt. 
Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues, Revelation 18:4b

Becoming The Word
How are we to learn obedience to God's Word?  It is only by II Timothy 2:12 and 3:12, and I Peter 4:12

Beyond the Feast of Tabernacles  

Bricks Without Straw

Christ Jesus, The Mercy Seat  

Christ Jesus

Jesus' fleshly existence came to an end on the cross, John 19:30. We are to no longer know Christ after the flesh, but as the risen, glorified Christ Jesus.

Christ, The Head of the Home

Introduction to The Series "God's Christ Seed"
A Seed Shall Serve Him
           God's Promised Sons Inheritance

           The Christ Seed in the Earth Today
           The Power of His Christ 
           The Old Corn

Choosing Godly Mates

Contrary Winds
David's Mighty Men

Dead to the Law, Alive Unto Christ

Death, The Enemy of Mankind

Deceitful Meats
Dust, the Serpent's Meat
  What Foods Are You Eating

Don't Judge Yourself, It Limits You From Going On In God

Esther, Example of the Bride of Christ

Even the Very Elect If Possible
Fret Not!  Psalm 37   

First the Natural, Then the Spiritual

From A Tent To A Temple
Giants in the Land
Gilgal, Bethel, and Jericho Stopping Off Places  
God Desires Truth In The Church
God Preparing A People For Service
God's Call To Judgment

God's Called, Chosen, and Elect
Today, God has His called, and from His called, few will be chosen, and even fewer will follow on to become His elect.  Now is the time to prepare!
God's Character, Nature, and Personality
God's Clouds of Glory

God's Glory Revealed In The Clouds
The Seventh Day is about to begin, when God is going to reveal the clouds of His glory (a people prepared of the Lord).
God's Last Day Chosen Generation
note God's Great Last Day is lastday2.htm and has not been recorded yet by Robert
God's Hidden Glory Revealed
God's Judgment Written In The Wind
God's Spiritual Temple
God's Sword of Judgment
God's True Jews in the Earth Today
God's Vineyard
God's Young Men
God is preparing today's young men whose only desire is to overcome the evil one, and become strong in His Word, I John 2:13-14
Goshen, God's Protected Place
Hidden Mysteries
How Are We To Walk
How To Make Good Decisions
Job The End Time Son
Leaders!  Become An Example!
Look Up and Open Your Eyes
Make Your Calling And Election Sure
Men of Vision
Mystery Israel Revealed
Of Twain, One New Man 
Prepare Ye The Way

Puffed Up In Pride
The Cornerstone and the Headstone, Intro to The Pyramid

     Pyramid, The Symbol of the Body of Christ

Repairers of the Breach
Revealing His Generation

Rock In The Wilderness

Set A Standard In The Land

Six Woes on the Religious System

Spiritual Authority

Teach Us To Pray

The Branch
The Church in the Wilderness

The Coming Day of Adversity
The Corn, The Wine, and The Oil
The Day of Restoration
The Double Portion Anointing  

The East Wind of  The New Day

The Elect

The Elijah Mantle
The Elijah Ministry in the Earth Today
The Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom

The Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom found on 42/home.html   xl

The Friends of God
The Glory of the Celestial
The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Great Household of God
The Harvest

The Kingdom Within  

The Living Sacrifice

The Marriage Supper Calling

The Meat of the Word

The Melchezidek Priesthood

The New Wine
The Overcomers  Inherit ALL Things 
The Power of His Christ 
The Promised Seed

The Pure Word of God, Part One

The Pure Word of God, Part Two
The River of Life
The Rivers of Babylon Are Drying Up

The Seal of God or the Mark of the Beast
The Seed of Abraham
The Seventh Day
The Spirit Without Measure
The Starseed and the Sandseed
The Third Pentecost Introduction
     The Third Pentecost
The Threshing Floor or the Wine Press
The Two Witnesses

The White Stone
The Virgin Birth of the United States

The Winepress of the Wrath of God
There Ain't No Free Lunch
Though These Three Men
Transparent Gold
Today's Ahaz Generation
Warning to the Lukewarm Church
We Are To Know Nothing Of Ourselves
We Have Not Gone This Way Before
Who Is The Father?
Woe! Woe! Woe!   Part # 1
Woe! Woe! Woe!   Part # 2

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