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George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick, Authors

Issue 200713

Remove Your Rose Colored Glasses

The Lord has spoken it is time to take off your rose-colored glasses and pull the wool back from your eyes and look around to view the world you live in and what has become of the church. The Lord spoke, "The world we live in has become an immoral cesspool, where anything and everything, no matter how low, vile, and wicked is acceptable." In 1962, prayer was removed from our schools because an atheist did not want her son to be exposed to God. Through her unrelentless attacks, all religious observations were removed from all public schools in America. We have lived to suffer the consequences!

Now our children live in terror as they go to school. The streets around the school are clogged with predators. Now police must ride the school busses and walk the halls of many schools armed with weapons to protect the students. Children must pass through metal detectors before entering the school. Some must insert a plastic card to open the doors to their classrooms. Mothers now arm their children for protection. When caught with these weapons, they are expelled. The teachers are not any better. In the past five years, there has been twenty-five hundred cases of teachers having sex with their students. That figures out to be about six per week. Perhaps that is why they pass out birth control pills, all the way down to fifth grade, to eleven year old girls. In doing so, schools, in reality, are giving consent to the students' sexual activities.

Television violence has become the stage for students to copy. Kill! Kill! Kill! is the result. Every network covers these heinous crimes, creating more and more violence in our youth. Colleges and universities are no better. They have become the place for drunken parties and sex orgies. Bars are placed on many campuses, which further encourage drinking and drunkenness. Many colleges have become recruiting grounds for Moslem and other terrorist groups. The Moslems are intent upon taking over this nation. There are over twenty-five hundred mosques in this nation. These are financed by foreign nations. These mosques have become terrorist training camps, where large weapons are stashed to use against those who oppose their anti-god system. Their motto is "Convert! Or be killed! Or end up in slave camps!" The law enforcement will not raid these mosques because they consider them holy.

How far this nation has digressed from its Christian roots. The political scene is upon us again, and we are continually bombarded by lies and promises. Those running for office promise everything the people want to hear. Their baggage is filled with bribes, crooked deals, and immoral acts. Their closets have to be enlarged to hold all their skeletons. One such person is Hillary Clinton. The Clinton years as governor, and their time in the White House were filled with scandal, rumors of drug running, crooked schemes, and immorality. If she is elected, it only proves one thing. This nation has lost all direction when it comes to right and wrong, and morality. One of the major law organizations in this nation is the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Sounds good! This organization is against everything godly, and everyone of the basic principles this nation was founded on. It should be required to change its name to AACLU (The Anti-American Criminal Liberation Union) because it defends everything that is rotten and corrupt in our society.

The American dollar is in a state of free-fall against all foreign currencies. The parity for the dollar was 100 cents in 1913. Today it is at four (4) cents, and losing value every day. The bloated stock market is ready to crash. Twenty-five top banks in this nation are bankrupt. The Lord spoke that the United States is like a great whale that has beached itself, and lays dying on the beach. Many who are running for public office declare they have a plan to get her back in the water. But all their plans will fail. It is only a matter of time until she draws her last breath.

Our souls used to be stirred when we heard Kate Smith sing "God Bless America!", or when we heard the words to "America The Beautiful." Today we need to ask ourselves, "Why should God bless a nation who has totally sold out the founding father's ideas, and filled the land with every heinous crime and act imaginable?" Our hearts ache when we hear of little girls who are kidnapped, raped, and murdered. There was one case where a little girl was molested and buried alive, while others in the residence watched. Others display their terrible acts on the internet. These do worse than the lowest beast.

Can God bless a nation when men of corrupt minds are continually on rape, sexual abuse to babies, and display their unthinkable acts on the internet? Can God bless a nation where homosexuals rape and murder thousands of innocent youth, then hide their bodies to cover their terrible crimes? Then, we wonder why God's hand of judgment is on this nation, and why those with a reprobate mind go unpunished in the corrupt justice system. The whole news system is controlled, so only the news that suits the owners of the new's services are allowed to be printed or aired. The medical profession, which is backed by the drug companies kill multiplied thousands with their laxity in prescribing drugs. Prescription drugs are indiscriminantly given to movie stars and sports stars such as basketball players, baseball players, and even wrestlers. These prescribed drugs are killing many, and ruining the lives of many more. Children in school are given drugs to keep them calm and docile, but these same drugs cause the children to become violent, have murderous hallucinations, and even cause suicide in unprecedented numbers in our youth. Mental hospitals are filled with such cases where drugs - - - legal and illegal - - - have destroyed the minds of the users.

Witchcraft and other satanic arts are taught in our public schools, colleges, and universities. What started seemingly innocently with cartoons such as the smurfs and others, rapidly progressed to the required reading of the satanic Harry Potter books in the public schools. Supposedly innocent Halloween parties, with all their satanic art and the Harry Potter books have often led children to practice all types of witchcraft and satanic arts, and now they can learn all these diabolical practices on the internet. Video games, such as "Dungeons and Dragons" have a profound affect on teen violence.

You may ask, "What is good about America?" There are still good people in this land. There are a few who still love this country, but hate the many implications of government interference. Yet, they do not know what to do about it. You may say we have the right to vote. But those you vote for are no better than what you have in your office now. This coming election will cost over one billion dollars; and it is only those who have the ability to raise large sums of money who will ultimately be elected. It is sad to say, but their qualifications and their aptitude for the job all have to do with fund raising and with speech writers who are paid to make them sound good to the ears of the voters..

America has gone over the edge, and there is no return. Many have asked why do we have so many floods, mud slides, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, murders, and crimes of passion, etc.? The answer is obvious. God's judgment hand has set His hand to the glittering sword, and will bring this nation to their knees - - - and that day is not far off. Many who read this letter will be angry. Others, perhaps will wake up, and cry out to God and repent. While others will put back on their rose colored glasses and pull the wool back over their eyes, and go back to sleep. These will not wake up until they are in the middle of the nightmare that God is about to bring upon this land. The hour is late, and time is short. Do as the ancients. Cry out to God for the sins of this nation. God will not save this nation, but perhaps He will save you out of it.   [See "Mystery Babylon Revealed" by George Kirkpatrick]

As always in Christ,

     George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick

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