Vital Words to the Body of Christ
Teaching the Everlasting Gospel of God's Kingdom
Revelation 14:6-7

Issue 201002

                          In the past, all the body letters I have written contained a message about the times in which we live. This letter will be a bit different. I would like to relate how this ministry began. In 1988, my wife and I attended what was called a ‘prophetic conference’. After listening to these ‘so-called prophets’, I was so saddened, I went back to our room and cried out to the Lord. “These men are not prophets!”  The Lord acknowledged this was true, but to be patient. At that meeting, the Lord showed us how to start a mail list. I had written two large books at this time. Then the Lord directed me to begin to write smaller books and mail them to the mail list. We tried to get printers to print the books, but their prices were too high. So we began producing the books on an old Ricoh copier.  We wore it out, had it rebuilt, and wore it out again. Then we decided we needed a printing press. But none of us knew how to operate one. We bought an old AB Dick printing press and began. We messed up a lot of paper, but lo and behold, we began to get what looked like print on the paper. Then we were given two full-size multi-lith printing presses and a ten bin collator - - - and the printing ministry was on its way. God had moved Jeannie and I out of our house and into a twenty foot motor home, and we went on the road so we could be alone write. We traveled for nine years, and then the Lord spoke to return home. In the mean time, the mailing list had grown to about 5500.  Being home, we became an integral part of the ministry in Chesterville, again. Then in 2002 the Lord moved us and the ministry to Maine. I did little writing while we worked at beginning a custom woodworking shop. After four years, the Lord spoke I was to start writing again. The Lord has blessed the time of writing, and the mail list is growing again. God is miraculously supplying all our needs according to His riches in glory. We give a heart felt thanks for all those who have prayerfully and financially supported this ministry through the past twenty - one years. We could never have done it without you.

    Exciting news!  Jeannie has put all our writings on a compact disc, which includes the books, body letters, prophetic and inspirational poetry, and articles, which is a great companion tool in preparing for God’s coming Kingdom.  See the back of this letter for more information and how to order.      As always in Christ, George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick

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