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Issue 201005

Tyrants in the Land

The word tyrant is not heard any more at all. It was a word used many times when pirates roamed the high seas, plundering and killing innocent people. But today, the spirit of those tyrants sit in high offices. There are many ways these tyrants operate. The definition of a tyrant is as follows:

    one who uses power to oppress his subjects
    one who exercises unlawful authority
    one tho imposes hardships on those under his control

Today the government of the United States is overloaded with tyrants, those who impose their will on an unsuspecting populace. The head tyrant occupies the highest office in the land. He is not even a legal citizen of this country. He is African born, raised by Moslem parents, went to college as a foreign student, has lied about his forged birth certificate, and has spent a million dollars to keep his records sealed. He took the oath of office and swore to uphold the Constitution, when he knew he did not qualify to be President. This is because he did not meet the qualifications stated in the Constitution. He took his oath on the Bible, which he does not believe in, and serves a god which is not the God of the Constitution. His whole life has been under the control of the socialist and communist influence.  His whole agenda is to tear down what this nation has stood for, for over two hundred and twenty-five years. All this nation needs to do is make him produce a legitimate birth certificate. Yet, the federal courts, and even the  Supreme Court have become tyrants, because they use their power to allow those they have control over to be oppressed by this despotic. The President hammered, made deals, threatened, and even lied to get his health care bill passed. Over the out cries of the people, the ‘cap and trade bill’ will take the same course. He has done away with ‘The National Day of Prayer’. He has put the burden of health care back on the states, and has employed sixteen thousand, plus, into the IRS to enforce  compliance to this health care bill, which requires all of the people to have health insurance. This is totally unconstitutional. But his fellow tyrants have gone along with his outrageous agenda because they do not choose to oppose him, or the money behind him. They all dance when their strings are pulled. When this nation was founded, it was founded by statesmen, then it was taken over by politicians, and now the power has been usurped by tyrants. So what will be the end of the matter?

The American people have spoken. The tea party movement has spread across the nation, and vowed to vote these tyrants out  of office come November, and take back the government. So how will those in power stop the move? There is only one way, and that is to plan a supposed terrorist attack.  Then all the executive orders that were put into place to take care of such  matters would come into play, and this head tyrant could become a dictator and finish his planned takeover of this nation. Such a terrorist attack would be in the summer or early fall.  All those in Washington think they are invincible, but they are only puppets for the big money men. And these will only be cannon fodder for the new world order.  The new world order will have no more respect for these people than the American people do. Congress has the lowest approval rating then at any other time in the history of this nation.

So, what is the hope for this nation? No nation in the history of the world has more debt than the United States. Their credit rating is about to slide. Their borrowing power is almost nil, and their world domination has evaporated to an all time low. So, what is the hope for this nation? Only God can turn things around if people turn their lives back to Him. But this is not likely to happen. We need to hear the words of Mahatma Gandhi, who stated: “Every tyrant has his day, but  they all come to a violent end.”
                   As always in Christ,     George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick

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