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Issue 201009

Lies! Lies! And More Lies!

Lies, lies, and more lies. We are fed a steady stream of lies - - - and the problem is most people believe all the lies. What is exasperating is the fact that the government and the news media believe the people are so stupid that they can no longer discern the lies from the truth.  The latest lie from the government is that seventy-five percent of the spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico has disappeared. The government controlled news media reports that the oil was captured, burned off, evaporated, or was broken down in the Gulf. Let’s look at the facts. What about the oil being captured? When BP Oil capped the well, they were only able to capture a small amount of the oil, and these big oil collecting ships have only operated for a short time.  The boons they put out were not to collect the oil, but keep it from the shore line. So what about the burn off? The only oil that could be burnt off was on the surface. But what about the large plumes of oil that are deep in the Gulf? Remember, the waters at the spill site are one mile deep. The third way the oil was to disappear was by evaporation. One with the simplist knowledge of crude oil knows crude oil is very thick, and does not evaporate. Now the last way they claim the oil has disappeared is that it is broken down. So one may ask where is this broken down oil, where has it gone? The government wants the people to think they are in control of this situation, and that all is well on the coast. But ask those who are sick because of the dispersants, or the fishermen whose livelihood is gone because there is no sea life left in a vast amount of the Gulf. To the experts, if they cannot see the oil, then it must be gone. We soon forget there were millions of barrels of oil dumped into the Gulf, and over a million gallons of dispersant. This has all taken place over a period of about one hundred days. So where is the oil? It is still in the Gulf, soaked in the surrounding land and marshes - - - and yes, perhaps a mile deep out of sight at the spill site. Out of sight - - - out of mind - - - but it is still there, and will be for generations to come. If what they say is true, then  twenty-five percent of millions of barrels of oil is still there. 

    Do not believe their lies that this disaster is over. It has only begun.

    So, then, what other lies have we been told. We are being told the economy is on the rebound, the recession is over, employment is on the rise, and happy days are here again. The national debt continues to rise at an alarming, unsustainable rate. The number of unemployed and under-employed remains above acceptable levels. Home foreclosures and repossessions are at an all time high. Those who have lost their unemployment benefits no longer are numbered among the unemployed. There has been an increase in employment, but it is only by the federal government, which only means we will increase the cost of this bloated government. And yet we hear it shouted from the housetops that things are improving. They may convince those who still have a house to live in, a job to go to, and food on the table. But try to convince those whose whole families are living in cars, in tents, or on the streets that things are looking up and getting better. Forty-nine of the fifty states are operating at a deficit balance. Explain to the police who are being laid off because the cities can no longer offer to pay them, that things are looking up; or the teachers whose hours and subjects have been cut or eliminated, that things are getting better. The prophet Isaiah foretold our situation:

        “. . . a sword is upon her treasures; and they shall be robbed.”  Isaiah 50:37c

    America was once a Godly nation, but since this nation has turned their back on God, their treasures have been robbed by greed, graft, and corruption. The only answer to this nation’s situation is to turn back to the God of our founding fathers. But will this nation do that? This author sincerely doubts it.

As always in Christ,

George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick


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