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Issue 201010

“How has the wealthiest nation on earth become the largest debtor nation on earth?

This ministry began September 14th, 1980. This is our thirtieth year. When we began, and I warned the people of the condition in the church, many called it church bashing. Today, the condition of the church has become common knowledge. In 1980, even those who did not go to church had a moral standard, but today, the moral standard of this nation has become that of an alley cat, “If it feels good, do it!” We need to ask, “What has happened to this once great nation?” There are many areas we can lay the blame. When the second George Bush was elected, I told the people he was put in office to break the nation, and he broke it. When Obama was elected, I told the people he was put in office to spend it into oblivion, and that he has done. Today, Glenn Beck has a following of thirty million, who listen to him every night. His message is to restore America. Mr. Beck is saying all the right things, but for all the wrong reasons. Number one, this nation will not be restored. God's judgment hand is upon it. Glen is a Morman who claims to be a Christian, but Mormon's do not serve the same God as we do. And Glen is serving the Mormon agenda.

    Our President has proclaimed the United States has become a Moslem nation. The Moslems are building mosques all over this nation, and they are getting their converts. The Jews own Hollywood and hold high offices in the nation's capital. The same is true of the Catholics. At Glenn Beck’s, August 28th rally in Washington, these false religions all stood, locked arm in arm on the Washington Plaza with many pastors who have sold out their Christian heritage. Is it not hard to see what is going on? Glenn Beck has a one religion agenda which will walk arm in arm with the coming one world order. Do not get caught up in this stampede. The mega church and the denominations will go along with this, but God's true ones will seek the store fronts and grape arbors where they still seek and worship the one true God.

    One may ask, “How has the wealthiest nation on earth become the largest debtor nation on earth?” The answer is simple. This nation has turned its back on God, and God has turned His face from this nation. It all began when the Supreme Court made prayer in our schools illegal. Then the Supreme Court decreed it was legal for mothers to murder their unborn children. Then God caused the youth of this nation to rebel against all authority. The parents were too busy to raise their children, while they were trying to live the good life. The corruption that began with the Supreme Court has filtered down through the Federal Courts, to the State Courts, and to the County Courts until the Judicial System has become a joke to all nations on the earth. The Congress has digressed to the place of disrespect for all law and common sense. Now there is a big uproar about the Democrats which control Congress, and the people are turning back to the Republicans, which only two years ago, everyone was against. Now we have the Tea Party and the Independents. Many believe if they vote out the criminals who now hold offices, that things will get better. This is what they thought when they put them in office. This nation's government has become a system of compromise and corruption, and we need to realize the next election is not going to change this. All they can do is change the faces, but the policies will remain the same. Glenn Beck, the Mormons, the Moslems, the Jews, the Catholics or any other false religion is not going to change anything.

    When we began New Jerusalem Fellowship in 1980, the national debt was less than one trillion dollars. It took two hundred and six years for this nation to go in debt one trillion dollars. We fought the Revolution, the Spanish American War, the Civil war, World War One, World War Two, the Korean War, Viet Nam, Cambodia, and many other conflicts - - - and still the indebtedness of this nation was less than one trillion dollars. Now, since 1981, it is in debt thirteen trillion, five hundred billion dollars, and it is going deeper in debt with every tick of the clock. So, do not get in lock step with the Mormons. Moslems, Jews, Catholics, and other false religions. Turn back to God in your prayer closet, and God will carry you through the days ahead.

As always in Christ,

George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick


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