Vital Words to the Body of Christ


Repentance is the Word for TodayIssue 20071A
The Hornet's NestIssue 20072A
The Beginning of SorrowsIssue 20072B
The Spirit of Murder is Prevading the LandIssue 20073
The Rapture, A False HopeIssue 20074
QuestionaireIssue 20076
Red Alert!Issue 20077
A Day of RejoicingIssue 20079
Behold the Goodness and the Severity of GodIssue 200710
God's ShakingIssue 200711
Withstand in the Evil DayIssue 200712
It is Time to Remove Your Rose-Colored GlassesIssue 200713
Ruled by TyrantsIssue 200714
Should We Pray For America?Issue 200715
Welcome to 2008Issue 20081
Rebuke The DevourerIssue 20082
Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!Issue 20083
No Free SalvationIssue 20084
Let Us Not Be AshamedIssue 20085
Is God's Judgment Hand on the United States and the WorldIssue 20087
How Much Warning Is Too Much Warning?Issue 20088
A Light That Shineth In A Dark PlaceIssue 20089
What Can God's People Do?Issue 200810
The Tail Is Wagging the DogIssue 200811
Born Again!Issue 200812
If the Foundations Be Destroyed, What Can the Righteous Do?Issue 20092
The Foundation of God Standeth SureIssue 20093
The Bible is the Only Answer to Today's Problems!Issue 20094
The Trumpet's Uncertain SoundIssue 20095
A Day of DarknessIssue 20096
The President's AgendaIssue 20097
The Anti-ChristIssue 20098
Mother NatureIssue 20099
Repent and Turn Back to GodIssue 200910
God's Glittering SwordIssue 200911
What Has Happened to the United States of America?Issue 200912
The Answer To What Has Happened to the United States of America, Part TwoIssue 201001
The History of New Foundations MinistriesIssue 201002
God's Judgment HandIssue 201004
Tyrants in the LandIssue 201005
Judgment is at the DoorIssue 201007
Free From the Law of Sin and DeathIssue 201008
Lies! Lies! And More Lies!Issue 201009
How has the once wealthiest nation on earth become the greatest debtor nation on earth?Issue 201010
Why Do The Heathen Rage?Issue 201012
Our Humpty Dumpty EconomyIssue 201101
Is This the End of Days?Issue 201102
Judgment Must Begin at the House of GodIssue 201103
The Opening of the Third SealIssue 201104
God's Treasure HouseIssue 201105
The Day of Great WhoredomsIssue 201106
The Wanderers!Issue 201107
Consider Your Ways!Issue 201108
The Double Portion AnointingIssue 201109
God's Young MenIssue 201110
Upon Whom Are You Putting Your Trust?Issue 201111
Are You Fearful of the Days Ahead?Issue 201112
The Lion, the King of Beasts, is Roaring!Issue 201201
Awake Unto Righteousness!Issue 201202
Be Content!Issue 201203
Break Up Your Fallow GroundIssue 201204
Some An Hundred Fold, Some Sixtyfold, Some ThirtyfoldIssue 201205
Shepherds Causing Their Flocks to Lie DownIssue 201206
God's Faithful ServantsIssue 201207
Speak My WordIssue 201208
Sound Forth the Trumpet in the Day of BattleIssue 201209
Awake! Zion Awake!Issue 201210
Seek Ye First the Kingdom of GodIssue 201211
Prepare to Become a Living SacrificeIssue 201212
A Very Important QuestionaireIssue 201301
The Wall and the PlumblineIssue 201302
Doint the Whole Word of GodIssue 201303
Be Thou Perfect, Even as Your Father in Heaven Is PerfectIssue 201304
It Is Time To Make Our Calling and Election SureIssue 201305
The Mystery Hidden From the AgesIssue 201306
Will You Stand Afar Off or Draw Near the River of Death?Issue 201307
As It Was in the Days of Lot, How Many Righteous Men Will There Be in the Last Day?Issue 201308
In Your Patience Possess Ye Your SoulsIssue 201309
Are You A Peacemaker?Issue 201310
The Two False WitnessesIssue 201311
Where Is Your Joy?Issue 201312
The Whole Word of GodIssue 201402
What Rock Are You Depending On Today?Issue 201403
The Love of Many Shall Wax ColdIssue 201404
Whatsoever Is Born of God Overcometh The WorldIssue 201405
A Clean TongueIssue 201406
The Very Heavens Are Being ShakenIssue 201407
Create In Me A Clean Heart, O GodIssue 201408
From Such Turn AwayIssue 201409
Blind WatchmenIssue 201410
We Need to Work Out Our Own Salvation With Fear and TremblingIssue 201411
The Power of His ChristIssue 201412
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