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Dear Body,                                                                                                                                                                                                 July 1, 2008


Many ask, "What is going on when we witness one disaster after another?" The earthquake in China and the cyclone in Burma killed two hundred thousand people - - - and some sixty thousand are still missing. God only knows how many will never be found.

The drought in Australia has wiped out all the crops, especially the rice crop. The rice crops all over the world have been affected by one thing or another. Over half of the people on earth depend on rice as their main staple food. The sale of rice in many parts of the world and the United States is being allocated. Food riots are erupting because of the rice shortage all over the world, even in the United States. Do not expect the news media to report this. They do not want the people to panic.

All the rains and tornados that have hit the Midwest, Iowa, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska have devastated the land. The loss of life and property has been terrible. We are saddened when we hear such things, but what is worse is this is the corn and wheat belt. These states make up what has been called the America's Bread Basket. These fields are covered with water which is going to be an upcoming disaster in the making, if the wheat and corn crops are in short supply.

Wheat and corn are two of our most important crops. The third most important crop is rice. Rice production is down in this country because of the hurricanes in the south. The ethanol plants are using much of the corn production to make bio fuels, and the stockpiles of wheat are at a sixty year low, below emergency levels. If this were not enough to make us wake up to the day we live in, the wheat crops are also being devastated by a new blight which has been reported is not even being researched how to protect the crops. All these scenarios are going to cause the food prices to skyrocket. And what is worse, there may not be enough food to be bought at any price. The book of Revelation informs us a loaf of bread will cost a day's wages. We wonder how far down the road this will be?

The fires in California are terrible, destroying countless homes. Earthquakes are an everyday occurrence. Again the loss of property is terrible. But will California ever learn they must stop their sinful, homosexual legislation. Can more disaster be far behind? Much land is succombing to God's judgment hand by fire in Florida and North Carolina. It seems every part of this nation, from coast to coast has been devastated in one way or another.

Notwithstanding, the mortgage meltdown has crippled the financial basis of this nation, throwing us into a recession, and perhaps the worst depression this nation has known. We need to realize this meltdown is going to affect the whole earth financially. We keep hearing we are a global economy. Financial institutions all over the earth are teetering on collapse. The complete financial system is a house of cards ready to fall.

What should God's people be doing?

Saints, get your finances in your own hands. Get out of the banking system, the stock market, the annuities, the bonds, etc. etc. If someone else has control of any of your finances, get them back in your hands. Saints, be warned, the dollar is failing! Many nations no longer will take the dollar as legal tender. Many see the dollar as worthless.

Get out of debt! Get some hard cash, gold, silver, or other precious metals. Do it now before it is too late! We would be remiss if we did not mention the price of fuels which are kept artificially high by greed and corruption.

God's judgments come in three different ways: famine, pestilence (disease) and the sword (war). New diseases are breaking out all the time, plus the old diseases we thought were eradicated are cropping up again. We can truly see God's judgment hand is upon this nation and the world. If you do not believe it, take off your rose-colored glasses and look around, and repent of your laxidasical attitude. God is breaking the food chain through natural disasters, but you can be assured the God of the wind will have His way. Praise the Lord!

We wish to thank all those who are praying for my recover from the open heart surgery. I am getting stronger because of those prayers. Those at new Foundations Ministry have kept the ministry going while I was recuperating. We give a special thanks to those who support this ministry financially. God has a special reward for those who give that others may be fed the vital words to the body of Christ. May God richly bless and keep you in His live.

As always in Christ George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick   and the Harvest Team at New Foundations Ministries

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