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Revelation 14:6-7

George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick, Authors
and the Harvest Team at New Foundations Ministries

Dear Body,                                                                                                                              January 1, 2007

A new year is breaking on the horizon. As we view the world situation, the coming year could see the fulfillment of many of God's ancient prophecies come to pass. As we witness the stock market balloon blown out of proportion with the rest of the economy, we can only wonder how long before the balloon breaks and blows away all the paper wealth that has been accumulated.

We also witness this nation embroiled in an unpopular, unwinnable war. This nation is fighting with red ink, warn out equipment, and depleted arms supply. Even the national guard that was to defend this nation's borders are now on foreign soil, trying to establish democracy on an unwilling nation.

We are also witnessing old diseases we thought had been eradicated, again raising their ugly head, and new diseases appearing which we have no cure, infesting many nations of the world including the U.S.A. Pre-school age children dying of cancer and aids.

The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, raising water levels around the world, and threatening the animal life in those areas. There are many other problems to numerous to mention.

Yes, we are facing a new year. God has laid twelve fresh months at our feet. We need to ask ourselves what are we going to do with them? Are we going to maintain the statis-quo, or as the popular saying of our day states: "Stay the course", or do we want to change the course of our lives?

Without a doubt, God's judgment is at the door. What need we do? We need to prepare for the inevitable. Our lives need to change to line up with the Word of God. Repentance is the word for today. Our robes of righteousness has been prepared by the Lord. Are we ready to put them on?

2007 is a pivotal year in the history of mankind. God's arms are stretched out still. Will we run into them, or see Him turn away, heartbroken? The decisions are up to us.

As always in Christ,

George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick, and the Harvest Team at New Foundations Ministries

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