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Dear Body,                                                                                                                              November 6, 2007

When the United States was in its infant stage after it had freed itself from the tyrannical rule of the King of England, the leaders desired a new form of government. The only form of government they knew was kingship, so when the early patriarchs made George Washington their leader, they naturally wanted Washington to become their king. The words of George Washington, upon hearing this, have become immortalized, "The United States has but one King, the Lord Jesus Christ." This statement became the founding stone on which this great nation was formed. As we check down through the history of this nation, we can witness a multitude of times God's guiding hand has protected and saved this nation from disasters. It was the Lord Jesus Christ who made this nation great.

There have been many great nations and kingdoms that have risen, then fallen. One of the first great empires was the Babylonian Empire with Nebuchadnezzar as its king. King Nebuchadnezzar ruled the whole known world, but in two generations of time, his kingdom came to naught as his grandson, Belchazzar, drank wine from the holy vessels taken from the temple of God.

The next great empire was the Medo-Persian Empire. Again the Medes and Persians ruled the whole known world. This kingdom, too, was overthrown by a young upstart by the name of Alexander. During the reign of Alexander the Great, his empire also ruled the whole known world. Alexander the Great died at the age of thirty-three, weeping because there were no more worlds to conquer. Alexander's kingdom, too, came to naught, and was divided between his four generals, eventually being dissolved when the mighty Roman Empire came to power. The Roman Empire then became the most fierce and powerful kingdom on the earth. But when Rome became rich, fat, and immoral, this empire, too, crumbled, as so much old clay. The leadership had become homosexuals and sodomites. The gods of ease and plenty reigned supreme. Rome was in power when our King, Jesus Christ, was born.

The next great kingdom to rise up in the earth was the British Empire. It was said of her, "The sun never sets on the British Empire." This was because their control was world wide. The British were colonizers. Their colonies covered the face of the earth, including where the United States is today. But, one by one, the colonies gained their independence and freedom.

Then Napoleon came to power. His goal, again, was to capture the whole earth for France. He made great strides towards this end, but when he marched into Russia with a two hundred thousand man army, his retreat from Russia is a matter of history. The Russian winter wiped out almost ninety percent of his army, and his quest for world domination was replaced with exile.

Hitler was the next mad man who desired to rule the world. The Third Reich's goal was to rule the whole world for one thousand years. But, it too, faded into history in less than fifteen years.

The United States, with God's help rose to great power and authority throughout the whole earth. This nation put forth the idea of freedom for all mankind. World War I and World War II proved the United States was the greatest force on earth, and their King, Jesus Christ, was mighty upon this nation. But the U.S. began serving the gods of ease and plenty just as the Roman Empire did 2000 years ago. In 1962, the downfall of this nation was set in motion, when the Supreme Court, the law of the land, removed prayer and the Bible from public schools. With this act, King Jesus was overruled. When the highest court legislated prayer and the Bible out of the public schools, the end of this great civilization was sure. Since that time, the Supreme Court and Congress have legislated against our King. What was the result? We now have homosexuals in high office, who also teach their godless ways in the public schools. They wear the armed forces uniforms, march in our streets, and abomination of abominations fill some of the pulpits. There is not room to write all the godless acts this nation has performed. The United States has truly impeached the King of Kings. Because of this we are being ruled by tyrants. Our King Jesus Christ has not forsaken planet earth. His judgment will bring what was once a great nation to its knees — then, it too, will be listed with all the other empires destined for destruction. William Penn stated in 1681, "If you are not governed by God, you will be ruled by tyrants." Ol' Bill Penn words have been proven right.

Now, for the news from Northern Maine. We are all preparing for the coming winter. We are getting the wood in and batting down the hatches, winterizing everything. Our mail list is growing: both the snail mail and email. God is truly pouring out His Word and His blessing upon the ministry. We are kept busy writing, answering letters and emails, and mailing book orders. We know God is speaking volumes to His people, and we would like to hear what God is speaking to you. Please write or call us and share what God is giving you. Perhaps we can share it with the body of Christ. We are also reprinting some of our big books. We now have copies of "God's Plan and Purpose in Predestination." We send our books out on a donation basis. We have never charged for our books or any other part of our ministry. If our books will help in your walk with God, feel free to order the books you need.

As always in Christ,

     George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick and the Harvest Team at New Foundations Ministries

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