New Foundations Ministries

Vital Words to the Body of Christ

Teaching the Everlasting Gospel of God's Kingdom
Revelation 14:6-7

George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick, Authors

Step By Step Foundational Growth 

Counting the Cost                        Before we begin to build our house in God's Kingdom, we must count the cost.

Where are you in the Kingdom?           

God Preparing a People For Service
The Living Sacrifice    (Audio)           

God's Representatives
Be Ye Separate    
Order in His Courts      Large 276K file
Christ, The Head of the Home    (Audio)
Appropriating The Principles
Appropriate the Principles   (Audio)
Don't Judge Yourself, It Limits You From Going On In God    (Mini Audio Clip)
Make Your Calling and Election Sure   (Audio)

Power From On High                               The Holy Spirit cleansing in our lives
God's Progressive Gift                                Progressing through the fruit of the Spirit
Teach Us To Pray    (Audio)
How Are We To Walk    (Audio)
Trees Planted by the Living Waters            Walking into righteousness

The River of Life   Audio Mini Clip
Return The King to His Throne                   Put off everything more important than God
God's Character, Nature & Personality     Put on Christ
The Overcoming Sons of God                   Only The Overcomers will inherit all things          
The Overcomers  Inherit ALL Things    (Audio) 
Becoming The Word                                 Don't just mouth it, Act upon it                        
The Meat of the Word    (Audio)
The Pure Word of God, Part One  (Audio)
      The Pure Word of God, Part Two  (Audio)
Baptized in God's Word
Baptized In The Red Sea    (Audio)
God's Young Men                                        Goals to become the sons of God
Choosing Godly Mates    (Audio)
      What Food Are You Eating (Audio Mini Clip @ 20 minutes)
The Whole Duty of Man

Tithes, Offerings, and Alms                Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse. Malachi 3:10
Stewardship                                        God's faithful and wise servants. Matthew 24:45
God's Anointed Fast

Go Thou and Do Likewise!
Lord, Make Me One Of These 

Spiritual Growth 

The following lay out our step by step process to maturity

From Repentance to Our Promised Land        Large  225K File
From a Tent to a Temple
God's Spiritual Temple
God's Called, Chosen And Elect 
     The Elect  Audio
Make Your Calling And Election Sure    (Audio)
Three Fold  Salvation  
The Wells of Salvation
The Living Water    
The Great Household of God         The Great Household of God  (Audio)
Going On In God
How To Make Good Decisions   (Audio)

What Do I Need To Put Off

What Can Separate Us From God?


Jealousy     (Audio)

Man Of Sin
The Two Nations of the Mind
The Enemy of God
Know Your Enemy - The Anti Christ Spirit
Dust, the Serpent's Meat (Audio Mini-Clip)

What Foods Are your Eating (Audio Mini-Clip)
Death, The Enemy of Mankind   (Audio)
Pulling the Lion's Teeth
Blessings and Cursings
Harden Not Your Heart
Thorns and Thistles
Sowing and Reaping
Kill Off, Put Off, and Put On
Revile Not Again
Do No Violence
Purged With Hyssop
The Unfulfilled, Unhappy Life of Solomon
Weighed in the Balances

Are You Part of God's Last Day 42nd Generation
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This is a collection of 42 mini teachings in booklet form, @ 30 pages each, to prepare you to become
what the Lord has called you to do as His Last Day Chosen Geneartion.  

This collection is also available on Compact Disc in pdf format

New Foundations Ministries
Founded May 14, 1988

George and Jeannie Kirkpatrick
110 High Street
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