A Collection of 10 Scripture Songs
From Children Sing The Word

All songs are from the King James Version of the Bible

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To print the lyrics, chords, and sheet music click on the links below:

                Lyrics and Chords Video & Sound        Sheet Music
1            The Lord, The Lord God!                         Exodus 34:6                             Video              : Sheet Music             
2         Thine O Lord Is The Greatness! 1 Chronicles 29:11      Video        Sheet Music
3         The Lord God Almighty! I Chronicles 29:11; Joel 2:30;    Revelation 15:3      Video        Sheet Music
4         The King Is Exalted! I Chronicles 29:11; John 13:37; Psalm 95:6      Video        Sheet Music
5         Who Hath Ascended Into Heaven? Psalm 30:4      Video        Sheet Music
6         Great Are You Lord! Psalm 47:2      Video        Sheet Music
7         Give Unto The Lord, O Ye Kindreds Psalm 96:7      Video         Sheet Music
8         Let The Heavens Rejoice! Psalm 96:11      Video        Sheet Music
9           Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates! Psalm 24      Video        Sheet Music
10         God's Glory Psalm 19:1      Video        Sheet Music


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