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All songs are from the King James Version
We pray these songs are a blessing to you and to those you minister to.

Behold I Say Unto You, The Fields Are White To Harvest John 4:35
Be Merciful Unto Me O Lord Psalm 57
Be Not Afraid, Neither Be Thou Dismayed Joshua 1:9
Be Strong In The Lord Ephesians 6:10-11
Be Thou An Example of a Believer   I Timothy 4:12
Beatitudes, The (Blessed Are the Poor In Spirit) Matthew 5:3-12
But The Anointing Which Ye Have Received Of Him I John 2:27
Caught Up Together In Clouds Of His Love   I Thess 4:17
Come Ye, Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the Lord Isaiah 2:3
Deliver Me From Mine Enemies, O Lord! Psalm 59:1-2
Deuteronomy Song                                                     BB Deuteronomy
Do You Know? (to the tune of You Are My Sunshine) Psalm 4:3
For I See Four Men Loose Walking In The Fire Isaiah 43:2 Daniel 3:25
For I Will Praise The Lord My God With My Whole Heart Psalm 86:12
For My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts Isaiah 58:8-10
For the Mountains My Depart Isaiah 54:10
For the Word of God is Quick and Powerful Hebrews 4:12
For We Have Hope as an Anchor in Our Soul Hebrews 6:19
From the North to the South, From the East to the West Luke 13:29
Give Thanks Unto The Lord, Call Upon His Name I Chronicles 16
Give Unto the Lord O Ye Kindreds of the People Psalm 96:7
God Judgeth the Righteous Psalm 7:11
Go Through the Gates Isaiah 62:10
Great Are You Lord, And King of Kings! Isaiah 9
Have Thine Own Way Lord In My Life Today Psalm 86:11
Have Ye Not Known? Isa 40:21 & 28
Help Lord!  For the Godly Man Ceaseth Psalm 12:1
He That Followeth After Righteousness and Mercy Proverbs 21:21
He That Overcometh Shall Live With Me Revelation 27
He Will Make A Way in the Wilderness Isaiah 43:18
How Can I Bring All My Thoughts Into Captivity of Christ 2 Corinth. 10:5
How Say Ye O Lord To My Soul? Psalm 11:1
I Am Jeshua, the Promised Messiah        unknown composer Jeshua
I Am With Thee and Will Keep Thee Genesis 28:15
If Ye Continue In My Word John 8:31-32
If We Live In the Spirit Galatians 5:25
I Have Declared the Decree Psalm 2:7
In The Beginning Was The Word of God John 1:1
I Wait on the Lord, My Soul Doth Wait Psalm 130:5
I Will Instruct Thee and Lead Thee Psalm 32:8
I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord, Forever Psalm 89:1
I Will Make of Thee a Great Nation                                 D Genesis 12:2-3
I Will Praise Thee, Lord, Forever Psalm 52:9
I Will Sing Unto the Lord As Long As I Live Psalm 104:33-35
In The Beginning Was the Word of God John 1:1
In His Power I Have Authority Luke 9:1
I Wait on the Lord, My Soul Doth Wait  Psalm 130:5
Keep Me As The Apple Of Thy  Eye    unknown composer Psalm 17:8
Leave Your All And Follow Me Mark 10:29-30
Let The Fields Rejoice Psalm 96:11
Miriam's Song Exodus 15:20-21
My Desire is to Come Psalm 38:9
My Whole House Is Filled With Your Glory Eze 10:4, 43:4
Haggai 2:7
Order My Steps In Thy Word Psalm 119:133
Rejoice in the Lord, O Ye Righteous Ones Psalm 33:1
Silver and Gold Numbers 22:18
Sing Praise Unto The Lord Isaiah 55:11
So Shall My Word Be Isaiah 55:11
The Dead Shall Not Praise Thee                                   Isaiah 38:38-19
The Earth is Full of the Glory of the Lord Isaiah 6:3
The Fields Are White To Harvest John 4:35
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God Psalm 19:1-4
The God Of My Rock II Samuel 22:3
The King Is Exalted On High I Chronicles 29:11
The Kingdom of God is Within You   Luke 17:21
The Lord God Almighty! The Lord
The Lord Knoweth the Way of the Righteous Ones Psalm 1:6
The Lord! The Lord God! Exodus 34:6
There Is A River That Flows From Within River
There are Idols of Silver and Gold Psalm 115
Through God We Shall Do Valiantly Psalm 60:12
Thus Saith the Lord, Thus Saith The Lord                     Do Jeremiah 23:1&4
Thy WordsWere Found And I Did Eat Them Jeremiah 15:16
Wash My Be the Water of Thy Word Psalm 51:7
Whatsoever Ye Shall Bind On Earth Matthew 18:18
We are the Generation Psalm 102:18
We are the People Who are Blessed of the Lord People
We Need To Speak Words of Life and Edification I Corinthians 14:3
Who Can Open Doors No Man Can Open Revelation 3:8
Yes!  Jesus Is Changing Me Philippians 3:20-21
You Give Us Your Love Your Love
Young Men! Young Men! Where Are God's Young Men? Young Men


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