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Children Sing The Word Psalms in Song

Scripture Lyrics, Chords, and Audio Melody   Audio Sheet Music Video Key
   Psalm 1:1-4                                 Blessed Is The Man       WMA          PDF                 Video         C             
   Psalm 1:6        The Lord Knoweth The Way of The Righteous Ones      Midi     PDF       C
   Psalm 2:3        Let Us Break Their Bands Assunder      Midi     PDF   C
   Psalm 2:7        I Have Declared The Decree      Midi     PDF   C
   Psalm 3
   Psalm 4:1
   Psalm 4:8       I Will Lay Me Down In Peace and Safety      Midi     PDF    C
   Psalm 5:1       Give Ear To My Words, O Lord     Video     Em
   Psalm 7:11         God Judgeth The Righteous      Midi     PDF     D
   Psalm 9:1-2       I Will Praise Thee O Lord With My Whole Heart      Midi     PDF     C
   Psalm 9:11       Sing Praises To The Lord Who Dwells In Zion      Midi     PDF     G
   Psalm 11:1-2       How Say Ye O Lord To My Soul      Midi     PDF     Cm
   Psalm 12:1       Help Lord! For The Godly Man Ceaseth      Midi     PDF     Cm
   Psalm 12:6       The Words of the Lord are Pure Words      Midi     PDF     G
   Psalm 16:8b       I Shall Not Be Moved      Midi     PDF  Video
   Psalm 17:8       Keep Me As The Apple Of Thine Eye                  PD      Midi     PDF      C

Children Sing the Word
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