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All songs are from the King James Version
We pray these songs are a blessing to you and to those you minister to.

Part  Three    Worship Song
And The Lord Said . . . Psalm 27:8
Ask Ye of the Lord Zechariah 10:1
Be Merciful Unto Me O Lord Psalm 57
Be Still and Know That I Am God     unknown composer Psalm 46
Brokenness! Take All My Brokeness! Brokenness
Cast Thy Burdens Upon the Lord Psalm 55
Hear Our Prayer, O Lord Psalm 39:12
Help Lord!  For the Godly Man Ceaseth Psalm 12:1
How Beautiful Thy Name Is in All the Earth How Beautiful
How Say Ye O Lord To My Soul? Psalm 11:1
I Delight To Do Thy Will Psalm 40:8
If  I Could Just Touch The Hem of His Garment Matthew 14:36
I Sought the Lord and He Heard Me Psalm 34:4
I Wait on the Lord, My Soul Doth Wait Psalm 130:5
I Will Lay Me Down In Peace and Safety Psalm 4:8
I Wait on the Lord, My Soul Doth Wait  Psalm 130:5
Lord, Lift These Heavy Burdens From My Soul Burdens
My Desire is to Come Psalm 38:9
O Lord Be Gracious Unto Us Isaiah 33:2
O My Soul, Wait Thou Only Upon God Psalm 62:5
O That I Had Wings of a Dove Psalm 68:13
O That There Were Such a Heart in Them Deuteronomy 5:29
The Lord God Almighty! The Lord
The Lord! The Lord God! Exodus 34:6
The Spirit of Truth John 14:17
Thine, O Lord, Is The Greatness I Chronicles 29:11


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