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New Foundation Ministries is a writing ministry the Lord spoke into existance May 14, 1988. New Foundations Ministries main emphasis is to provide a bridge for the body of Christ to move into the Kingdom of God. An order form listing materials is available from our catalog at:

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Included are such titles as "The Manifested Sons of God",  "The Day of Restoration", "Power From On High", "The Elijah Mantle", "Mystery Israel Revealed", "God's Glory Revealed in the Clouds", and "Repairing the Breach". There is a listing of over 120 of these Bible study booklets which contain @ 30-50 pages. Many of these books contain questions and answers which make them very useful for Bible studies and family discussion groups.

Full Size Books
Also available are 16 full size books, a sampling of these titles includes  "Mystery Babylon Revealed", "Release of the Spiritual Man", "Order in His Courts", "Mystery Israel Revealed", "Dry Bones ", and "From Repentance to Our Promise Land".

Publications are  provided on our web site for your convenience of reading, printing, and/or downloading. We are here to minister the vital words to the body of Christ. Please feel free to contact us at

May the Lord richly bless you as you press into His Kingdom.

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