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Power From On High

Today, many who confess Jesus have no idea who the Father is.

         The Father is the Holy Spirit
         The Father is the Promise

When God's voice spoke to Jesus, "This is my Beloved Son", the question arises: "Who was Jesus' Father, or who was it that fathered Jesus?"

 The angel revealed unto Mary how this would happen. "The Holy Ghost will come upon you and the power of the Highest shall over shadow you." Luke 1:35.

Jesus was also called the Messiah. Messiah is the Hebrew word for Christ. They both mean "The Anointed One". When Jesus became the Christ, He gave all glory and honor to the Father. He took no credit for the works the Father did through Him.

It is time that we get our eyes off Jesus' flesh, and get it on the anointing that directed His life. We need to know that the same Holy Spirit who directed Jesus' life is still directing lives in the earth today. To have this walk in God, we must be totally separated from the world.

Many are proclaiming sonship when they receive forgiveness of sin and are baptized. But Jesus said that the ones who received Him were the ones He gave the power to become the sons of God. The ones who are keeping the commandment to love and are overcoming the things of the world in their lives and are putting satan under their feet are the ones who will receive sonship. And no one will come into that sonship without the Holy Spirit.

Many have received the forgiveness of sin, but until they come into a Holy Spirit walk and put on Christ (the Holy Spirit) as their head, they will never enter into sonship, or the Kingdom. Before any of this can take place in their lives, they must be endued with power from on high.

Just as Jesus was endued with the power from on high, we, also, are going to be endued with that same power.  Jesus was given the power from on high without measure, John 3:34. We have been endued with the first fruits, or the down payment. This is the power to bring us into sonship.

Jesus was the "Anointed One" while He was on the earth, but we are the "anointed ones" in the earth today.

The proper way of knowing if someone has received the infilling of the Holy Spirit is to look for the FRUIT in their lives. If there is no evidence of fruit, there is no infilling. The infilling of the Holy Spirit is our power to overcome the world.

Jesus, through His body on the cross, reconciled us to the Father. Now we have access to the Father only by the Spirit. When Jesus was on the earth, He said that there would be a day coming when He would show us plainly of the Father. That day Jesus was talking about is now. It is being done through the Spirit. He is revealing Himself through the Spirit to His people. The Father is the power from on high.

We want God's indwelling in us, but before this can happen, we must completely die to self and the flesh. We must die on the cross. Jesus told us to pick up the cross if we are going to follow Him. If we are to come into His image and likeness and receive the glory that Jesus revealed was coming upon His body, then the flesh and carnal nature must be destroyed. He has given us the power to become the sons of God. That power is the POWER FROM ON HIGH.

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Only Believe  
by Darl Dinger

    There is a battle coming
    My spirit is telling me so
    Many people will be afraid
    For they have no place to go.

    But I am still their God
    I look upon the whole earth
    I will protect Mine
    All who receive this second birth.

    My Word has been written
    It is written in stone
    Read in My Word
    You will not be alone.

    In Second Kings,
    read verse seventeen
    Elisha’s servants’ eyes were opened
    So that My angels were seen.

    My Spirit is now moving
    throughout all of this land
    For My Spirit will not stay
    with this fleshly man.

    Seek Me today
    while you still have time
    For My coming is soon
    to gather all of Mine.

    Wars and famines
    They have been decreed
    My people must look to Me
    for what they will need.

Soon Ezekiel, Chapter 38
and Ezekiel, Chapter 39
will soon come to pass.
It will happen in this lifetime.

Then all of the earth
will look with wonder and doubt
As I Jesus, Your God
will thrust your enemy out.

And those who repent
and show Me their love
will be constantly protected
by My angels from above.

My Word is being fulfilled
before your very eyes
You must look to Me
for soon My saints will rise.

Pray to Me for wisdom
and have no doubt.
Pray for your families
for I want no one left out.

Fear not wars
nor famine or flood
For I, Jesus Christ, will protect you
with My shed blood.

Trust in Me
and not your own sight
For I will bring you
through your darkest night.

     The Death Of Leaves
    as given to  Jeannie Kirkpatrick
This is the time of death for much of My creation.
Yet life is here.
Seasons come and soon are past
Leaving signs of death.

The Leaves have all fallen
And soon will come winter cold
This is a time of preparation in My kingdom
My creation has shed its earthly coat.

The leaves have fallen forming a covering.
Here in this covering are warmth and food
For the coming coldness.

Your leaves, my Precious Ones, also have fallen
Your death is accomplished
Your life is begun.

Precious to Me are the death of leaves
You are become a precious covering for the earth
Through you I will feed my creation.

Oh my Precious Leaves! Fall ! Fall ! Fall !
I have prepared a new life for you
I long for you, My Special Creation

The death of your leaves only means
I have set you free
To become a new life forever in Me.

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