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George Kirkpatrick, Author

1988  -  2017

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We pray these books are a blessing to you and to those you minister to  

A Bride for Isaac
Abominations Before the Lord  (180K file)
Abominations In Secret Chambers    
America, Modern Day Nineveh!   
America Laments
Anoint Your Eyes with Eyesalve
Anointed For the Greater Works Ministry  
Anointed for the Greater Works Ministry     (Video)
Appropriating the Principles  
Appropriating the Principles     (Audio 1) 
Appropriating The Principles    (Audio 2)
Are We to Know    
As It Was In The Days Of Noah    (Audio)
A Seed Shall Serve Him   (Audio)
Ashes of the Red Heifer
Awake Unto Righteousness
Baptized In The Red Sea    (Audio)  
Baptized in God's Word    (Audio)
Be Not Deceived  
Be Ye  
Be Ye Separate    
Becoming the Word  
       Becoming The Word   (Audio)
Believing As The Scriptures Hath Said    
Between The Two Testaments, The 400 Silent Years      
Beyond the Cloven Tongues    227K file
Beyond The Feast of Tabernacles     286k file   The Thirty, Sixty, One Hundred Fold Realm
    Beyond the Feast of Tabernacles   (Audio)
Blessings and Cursings        
Bricks Without Straw  
Bricks Without Straw     (Audio)
Bringing God's Order Into The Church  
Bring the King to His Throne  
Chariots of Salvation     March 1, 2012
Children of Light
Children of Promise   
Christ Jesus  
    Christ Jesus, The Mercy Seat     (Audio)
Introduction to The Series "God's Christ Seed"    (Audio)
            A Seed Shall Serve Him   (Audio)
           God's Promised Sons Inheritance   (Audio)
           The Christ Seed in the Earth Today  (Audio)
           The Old Corn   (Audio)
Christ, The Head of the Home    (Audio)
   Choosing Godly Mates   (Audio)
Come Down and Worship with Us  
Coming Out of the Furnace of Affliction    
Contrary Winds     (Mini-Clip Audio)
Counting the Cost  
Counting Our Lost Blessings    
Crippled Feet and Idol Hearts  
Daniel's Prophetic Seventieth Week    
David's Mighty Men    
Day and Night
Day of Fire  
Dead to the Law, Alive Unto Christ     (Audio)
Death In The Pot
Death, The Enemy of Mankind   (Audio)
Deceitful Meats

Deceitful Meats  (Audio)
What Food Are You Eating (Audio Mini Clip @ 20 minutes)
Deliverance From Seven Troubles  
Do No Violence      
Don't Judge Yourself, It Limits You From Going On In God     (Mini Audio Clip)
Dry Bones    166K File    
Dust, the Serpent's Meat     
Eli the End Time Church
Esther, Example of the Bride of Christ    (Audio)
Even the Very Elect, If Possible
Fear Not Little Flock
First the Natural, Then the Spiritual  
 First The Natural, Then the Spiritual      Intro Audio to the above book
Four Men Who Shaped David's Life
From a Tent to a Temple    
From Repentance to Our Promised Land   225K File
Giants in the Land  
Go Thou and Do Likewise!
God's Anointed Fast
God's Anointed Voice    200K File    
God's Called, Chosen And Elect 
God's Call to Judgement
God's Character, Nature and Personality

     God's Character, Nature, and Personality   audio

God's Continuing Baptism  
God's Covering   
God Desires Truth In His Church         

    God Desires Truth In His Church  (Audio)
    Warning to the Lukewarm Church  (Audio)
God's Destroying Wind
God's Glorious Threes
God's Glory Revealed in the Clouds  
         God's Clouds of Glory   (Audio)
God's Holy Fire    
God's Holy Remnant         
God's Judgment Written In the Wind
        God's Judgment Written In the Wind   (Audio)
God's Last Day Generation      
God's Plan and Purpose In Predestination     150K File
God Preparing a People for Service  
God's Progressive Gift  
God's Promised Sons' Inheritance   (Audio)
God's Prophecy in Stone    

  See also The Pyramid, the Symbol of the Body of Christ
   and The White Stone
God's Representatives
God's Spiritual Temple
God's Spiritual Temple (Audio)
God's Sword of Judgment 

God's Sword of Judgment (Audio)

God's True Jews in the earth today?   (Audio)
God's Vineyard    (Audio)
God's Young Men    
Going On In God                     
Goshen - God's Protected Place    
Goshen, God's Protected Place     (Video) 
Harden Not Your Heart  
Hell, What is it?    
Hidden Mysteries      

     God's Hidden Glory Revealed   (Audio)
High Places  
Higher Powers   

NEW!   His Story In Light Of the Bible

Hosea's End Time Message
How Are We To Possess Our Vessels  
How Are We To Walk    (Audio)
How Far Will You Go Into Pharoah's Land  
In God We Trust  
In His Steps  
Iron Sharpeneth Iron
It's the Law  

        Dead to the Law, Alive Unto Christ     (Audio)
Jealousy     (Audio)
Jeremiah Speaks to America
Job, The Endtime Son
Job, The End Time Son   (Audio)
Joint Heirs    
Justice and Judgement    
Kill Off, Put Off and Put On!  
Know Your Enemy - The Anti Christ Spirit
Leaders! Become An Example!    (Audio)
Let There Be Light    
Let My People Go    
Look Up and Open Your Eyes!
Lord, Make Me One Of These 
Lord of Hosts    228K file
Lost Kingdoms  
Love Thy Neighbor
Make Your Calling And Election Sure    (Audio)
Man of Sin
Men Most Miserable or A People of Rejoicing      
Men of Vision 
      Men of Vision   (Audio Book)
Mount Zion, The Holy City of God  
My Sheep Hear My Voice

Mystery Babylon Revealed   178K file   Judgment on America!  
Mystery Babylon Revealed (Is The United States in the Bible)     (Video)

Babylon is Fallen # 1   (Audio)
Babylon is Fallen # 2   (Audio)
Babylon is Fallen # 3   (Audio)
Babylon is Fallen # 4   (Audio)

Mystery Israel Revealed  

Mystery Israel Revealed Audio
      God's True Jews in the earth today?   (Audio)

Nabal, Shemei, and Barzillai   
Of Twain, One New Man    (Audio) 
Order in His Courts    276K file
Outside the Camp
Power, Authority, and Submission  
Power From On High   
Prepare Ye the Way  (Audio)
Preparing the Bride  
     Esther, Example of the Bride of Christ    (Audio)
Proper Order  in the Eldership of the Assembly  
Prophets Speak to Pastors 
Pulling the Lion's Teeth  
Purged With Hyssop  
The Cornerstone and the Headstone, Introduction 
Pyramid, The Symbol of the Body of Christ    

     See also  White Stone  
     and God's Prophecy in Stone 
Pyramid, The Symbol of the Body of  Christ  (Audio Book)
Puffed Up In Pride (Audio)
Rapture False Hope
Release of the Spiritual Man      207K file
Repairers of the Breach        July 1, 2011
Repairers of the Breach Audio Book
Revealing His Generation
Revile Not Again  
Sacrifice to Reconciliation     124K file
Sealed With The Holy Spirit of Promise
Set a Standard in the Land  

   Set A Standard In the Land  (Audio Book)
 Show The House To The House
Six Woes on the Religious System
     Woe! Woe! Woe!   Part # 1      Audio
     Woe! Woe! Woe!   Part # 2      Audio
Sowing and Reaping  
Spiritual Authority  (Audio)
Stars of Light  
Summer is Ended  
Teach Us To Pray    (Audio)
The Beginning of Sorrows  
The Branch  
The Christ Seed in the Earth Today   (Audio)
The Church in the Wilderness     

The Church of Comfort, Convenience, and No Commitment   (Audio Mini Clip)

The Changing of the Mantle 
The Corn, The Wine, and The Oil     and  Audio
The Old Corn   (Audio)
The Coming Day of Adversity  (Audio)
The Coming Day of Restoration
The Coming Power of God's Right Hand Anointing

The Curse of Canaan
The Day of Preparation    
The Double Portion Anointing
The Double Portion Anointing   (Audio)  
The Dry, Withered Fig Tree    
The East Wind of  The New Day    (Audio)
The Enemy of God  
The Elijah Mantle
The Elijah Ministry in the Earth Today     (Audio)

The Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom    (Audio)
The Father's Voice
The Fire of God      
The Flaming Sword
The Friends of God   (Audio)
The Gathering of the Harvest, The Removal of all Things That Hinder  
The Glory Has Departed    
The Glory of Ezekiel's Temple    
The Glory of the Celestial
The Good Samaritan
The Gospel of the Kingdom
The Great Day of Jezreel
The Great Household of God
The Great Household of God     (Audio)
The Great I Am
The Great Last Day 

The Great Last Day Audio
The Handwriting Is On The Wall    
The Harvest

The Harvest Audio
The History of God's People      
The Holy City  
The Iniquity of Ephraim, The Thief Who Has Robbed God's Heritage    
The Kingdom Within  
The Kingdom Within  (Audio) 
The Life Within    
The Light of Life    
The Living Sacrifice  (Audio)
The Living Water  
The Man Clothed In Linen 

The Manifestation of the Sons of God

The Mark of Cain
The Marriage Supper Calling
The Marriage Supper Calling   (Audio)
The Meat of the Word    (Audio)
The Melchizedek Promise      
    The Melchezidek Priesthood     (Audio)
The Mercy Seat   See also  Christ Jesus, The Mercy Seat     (Audio)
The Metamorphisis Life              
The Mouth of the Prophet
The Nazarite Vow
The New Wine
 The New Wine Audio
The New Testament Church
The Other Son  
The Overcoming Sons of God  
     The Overcomers  Inherit ALL Things   (Audio)
The Power of God
The Power of His Christ  (Audio)
The Presence of God  
The Promised Seed   
The Pure Word of God, Part One   (Audio)
The Pure Word of God, Part Two   (Audio)               
The Queen of Heaven    
The Rivers of Babylon Are Drying Up!   "Is the United States in the Bible?"   See also  
The Rivers of Babylon Are Drying Up  (audio)

The River of Life  Audio Mini Clip

The Rock in the Wilderness
The Scattering and The Gathering  
The Seal of God or Mark of the Beast  
The Seal of God or the Mark of the Beast   (Audio)
The Seed of Abraham
The Seven Spirits of God           
The Seventh Day
The Spirit of Jezebel 
The Spirit Without Measure    
The Starseed and the Sandseed     and  Audio
The Sword of Gideon  
The Sword of Goliath    
The Tabernacle in the Wilderness  250k File
The Third Pentecost  
     The Third Pentecost Introduction    (Audio)
     The Third Pentecost   (Audio)
The Three Ships of Paul
The Threshing Floor or the Winepress  
           The Winepress of the Wrath of God   (Audio)
The Whole Duty of Man
The Throne of David  
The Tokens of God's Covenant Relationships With Man    
The Two Nations of the Mind
The Two Witnesses            
The Unattended Vineyard      Warning to the Lukewarm Church  (Audio)
God's Vineyard    (Audio)
The Unfulfilled, Unhappy Life Of Solomon
The Verdict:  None Righteous, No Not One  
The Virgin Birth of the United States  

The Virgin Birth of the United States   (Audio)
The Wells of Abraham
The Wells of Salvation
The Wheel In The Middle Of The Wheel
The White Stone   see also God's Prophecy in Stone  and The Pyramid, The Symbol of the Body of Christ 
The White Stone   (Audio)
The Whole Duty of Man
The Wind
The Winepress of the Wrath of God   (Audio)
There Ain't No Free Lunch      
There Ain't No Free Lunch    (Audio)
Think On These Things
Thorns and Thistles  
Those That Obey not the Gospel
Those Who Do What Is Right In Their Own Eyes    207K file
Those Who Say But Do Not    
Though These Three Men  
"Thou Shalt Not Surely Die"  
Three Fold  Salvation  
Three Kings, Three Realms, Three Anointings   134K file
Tithes, Offerings, and Alms
Today's Ahaz Generation      
Trees Planted by the Living Waters
Transparent Gold
Types and Symbols of the Bible
Walking Into Our Promise Land  
Warning to the Lukewarm Church  (Audio)
Waves Coming Upon Babylon
We Are To Know Nothing Of Ourselves   (Audio)
We Have Not Gone This Way Before      
Weighed in the Balances  
What Can Separate Us From God?  
What Time Is It?  
Where are you in the Kingdom?  
Who Are God's Chosen People?
Woe Be Unto Them!               See also  Six Woes on the Religious System   Warning to the Lukewarm Church  (Audio)
Who Is The Father?
You Be The Judge  

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