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The Y 2 K Warning

By George Kirkpatrick
110 High Street
Fort Fairfield ME 04742

In the story of Joseph in the Bible, God gave Pharaoh two dreams about seven years of plenty and then seven years of famine. Joseph laid away stores for the seven years of plenty - - - not only to take care of his family, but for all of Egypt and the surrounding countries to sustain them for the coming seven years of famine.

When we came to the new millennium, the year 2000, this author, the government, and many scientists warned of mass chaos because of computer failures, where life as we know it would no longer exist. Because of this warning many laid up food, water, generators, extra money, blankets, and clothing - - - everything they would need for survival if the computers failed. Well nothing happened, and many of us were left with egg on our faces. So then what happened? People threw out their water, ate their stored food, sold their generators, and went back to life as usual, not heeding the signs of the times.

For the last six and one half years, things have been good on the surface. The economy has been strong, the job market we are told has improved, and the stock market is at an all-time high. But now we are hearing the same thing we heard in the year 2000. This nation is expecting a major terror attack. We are advised by the news media to store water and food, to have enough money to last for two weeks, and to prepare our basements and storm shelters in case of a nuclear attack.

Medical care and prescription drugs have increased to where many can no longer afford the price. Gas is at an all time high. Food prices have soared. Shipping prices are out of sight. Even the mail has taken an increase. We need to ask ourselves,

Was Y2K God's way of warning His people to prepare during the seven past years of plenty, for the seven lean years on the horizon?

It is time for God's people to read the handwriting on the wall.

"Mene! Mene! Tekel! Upharsin!"

This nation has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

The seven years of plenty are about over

Get Prepared!

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